Central America

by Mad Conductor

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Yo, I roll a tone parallel to Harlem from county jail to Arkham Expand across the planet's soft candy coating I'll never rock it if the brand's demoting I'd rock the iron coat and know my spine'd cope Probably so, 'cause I'm infected with that Venom symbiote I wasn't born I was assembled On a canvas in a lab like Mona Lisa A mile east of Boca Vista Causing the tidal wave that might'a gave ya' broken skis On northern Nova Scotian seas A modest chain around my neck Five electrodes on my skull The storm destroyed the hull and now I'm null Never saw the form Allah while locked to normal law My form was off until I lost the form And saw no form at all was high form Inform your foremen of the protocol Neglect the intellect to know it all Yet it's hectic cause there's no scene to accept this Eclectic sense, tense electric fence with extra strength Around a plot on the Gaza Strip Across from where a brothel sits At a hostel in Dublin I met a waitress from LA And bounced a.s.a.p. the next day Now I can't see the point in your song Perhaps I got it wrong But it curdles my blood when I listen I'm wishin' that I hadn't paid admission But the fact's that I'm here Now where that is it isn't clear And still I'm shiftin' gears across your list of fears Until I disappear Kid, bow down to my sector You're too young to be selector (2X) Materialized on Melpomene and Tchoups And hopped a freight train Read a lot to stay sane I'm in the same frame as Oroku Saki Roll through your local posse Like a mobile zombie playin' roller hockey No fool could stop me But these nihilistic currents almost washed me up ashore like tide detergent My memoirs a poisoned reservoir Of my voyage in the Death Star Where once in an unkempt attempt to stamp me in my camp They stormed my tent But not enough men were sent to clamp me In my damp, dark, murky fortress that I happen to inhabit With rabid packs of rabbits hoarding fourteen poison carrots My cabin's made of barge planks and clap board to withstand large tank attacks Before that monk's spade I bring the ax I don't sleep, I am sleep My grip could rip the sewer through the street While my letters puff and melt Like a mallow on a stick in the third dimension Preserve your nervous tension With solidified bacon fat consistency Never mind the mystery To think is to not know So run from the constable with no thought to clot the flow At the Ragnarok battle spot when on a roll My blood could block a shark And calm a bull Kid, bow down to my sector You're too young to be selector (2X)
With the Parthenon collapsed under Venetian bombardment And my 7.5" Creature confiscated by the policeman's department My Cosmo was at peace As the garment of the goddessa Kali Ma dropped to the floor But then the man from the draft board knocked on the door And just like that your Lord had me off to the war With seven crude chops of the sword to his neck He was down on the deck and out for the count I felt like Zeus as he exhaled a cloud And saw it take flight across the pale, blue light of the moon Chit-chattin' with the devil from the comfort of my living room The talk left my tattered head kinda like thread through a loom However if I must be a little more subtle I'll tell you about the time as I was walking through the rubble of a city That was burned and buried by German mercenaries And turned to cemetery on the third of February I was coolin' in my swamp front hovel as I felt the sky dawn the wrath of Thor And fire was born in a passing storm And it tore through the Earth like a horn through a matador And it was...in San Salvador So they said to flee east, instead I fled west They caught me at rest in the shade of a friendly, old oak tree I felt the blade of my much hated enemy stroke me so gently I turned like the seasons, laughed with the rage of ten rabid hyenas As they shackled me up And chucked me like a ruck into the back of the truck Now I gotta maintain, I'm three times a brother And the one time son of a mother To make sense out of senselessness I gotta put it into terms that I can't understand So my natural can grasp it I spent the last several months in a cabinet Hangin' from the wall like a set of wrenches As a Tet offensive burned through the regiments of men And then cemented the once green world I really thought I had I'm talking mad As I focus beyond to the void through the knothole And noticed a long, black cloud rain down A colossal amount of lethal Vegemite all over the rooftops Then a rube dropped a lit camel light from his getaway plane Flames annihilated the terrain I was safe in the confines of brick As the bonfire stripped the flesh of many men And left a thick, rancid ash upstate New York style pile of snow For six miles or so Like a raven in the radio mast I saw the show unfold below Now I'm meditating in a cloud of mosquitoes Six breaths a minute 'til I found my aikido In a gloomy Zen temple Waiting for the General Armed with a sharpened lead pencil
I'm a 700th generation, gun powder fed, fully Venom bred, Kamakura Shogunate Ninja Dragon Sword, Razor's Edge Silent in my quadrant watching Martin Without a TV set in my apartment and the cable's dead My evil idiom'll beat your equilibrium And leave you off balance like your boy without his lithium And no, not just a sliver Kid, I never shiver when I'm sittin' by the river I got the Member's Only black bomber with the zipper zipped Then I'm stompin' off quick, rhythm is Symarip Hip to lip a flimmerick Shut your power off and snip your candle wick Remember when they used to burn women on a stick? 'Cause they thought God was tee'd off So they tarred 'em up Like Lenny D battin' lead off Spittin' chaw at y'all Spinnin' Marley Marl I'm oxen free as ollie y'all And ollie I'll spike the volley ball While rockin' leather, Shredder metal wrist guards As I approach from the East Flyin' coach 'cause it's cheap Off the coast of Han's isle Twenty deep, minus nineteen Lime green Venom in the stream I befriended two women in the cell, supposed weather makers Accused of brewing storms that ruined several hundred acres Through enchantment of a spell My only confidants in this mad captivity Where it seems a right mind lacks symmetry Given he can only see one half of the vicinity Then, with shackles on our forearms Guards forced us to the court yard Where my friends were tied fast to a stake In the center of a bed of dry grass Ever since then I always unlplug the jack in the month of the Drac My food is not of man I destroy both the lamb and the kid to glut my appetite Your bones fracture when the trap is tight I'm rippin' through ya' like rotten lettuce The hovel menace with the neck bolt fetish Lady bug, lady big fly away home Your house is on fire And your kids are all alone! And the lids about to blow off of the kettle My stomp could pluck a mountain bike pedal Though I never take it down to trite levels In the loft amongst piles of hay I break jars of clay With my gamma ray vision from a mile away Don't even swing when I slay my opponent with a sickle I advanced on a passed third strike Then came a triple They caught me in a pickle So I ducked down and vortexed the catcher Like a plumber with a whistle There goes your perfect game, your no-hitter and your shut-out I'm goin' nuts like a Somalian pirate With his Alpha Kappa - two score and seven Seek the dug out, cause I'm about to bug out No reason for the action, sometimes for mere satisfaction Never kept the mind fed with mad maggots in the swine's head And Simon says nothin' 'cause the rocks still crushin' Not like a redneck cop and his second cousin With the powerful percussion of a hundred bores a'comin' Gainin' faster than a witch without a parka when it's rainin' Man, you'd better scatter, before the pack scraps your data Tyrannosaurus Rex treks your matter Black cats and ladders for fools strappin' sally bats Rockin' rally caps, checkin' Rand-McNally maps for the token I swing a wooden Louisville in Poland 'til your swollen Your neck is out of tune and strummin' open chords I turn back lips into broken boards I fell through the rafters and landed on a picket fence In Bellvue, Nebraska
I used to own a place up in Cross Gates Estates 'Til the market crash left me flat on my face I was never broke before Now I'm soaking open sores in Morton's Forced to more important wars Currently my weather board says "Made in Ecuador" And snoring on the concrete flooring left me sore Plus I don't got a match to light the stove I gotta scratch stone to bone in Cypress Grove As a kid they read me fixed encyclopedias On daily news while vixens spiked the media I laid obediently in my cage until they said I made the age Then a butcher stepped forward and raised a blade I knew that he was infamous for missin hits When kids with quicker wits resist his mission So I slipped between his legs and kicked his ankle As he did a split I strangled neck And with a twist it left a mangled mess My angle less obtuse in Mexico upon a hammock Drinking mango juice Seven cops around me sayin' "dame tu dinero" "Y las llaves de tu Canyonero" Now I wish I was in the states instead of chained up and stampin' plates I made one for me It says "CXG E-13 3" We're friends until the end and back Remember that And if you ever crack I'll be your mental medivac I recall standin' in abandoned factories about to fall To smash remainin' panes from out the frames Civil disobedience will clean your brain 'Til you revolt against the bolts that keep you sane Stare, seance in my lair Blarin' Slayer on my record player Everybody's there except the mayor Bombarded by the chief of police and his fleets We leaped from our seats and seeped into the streets Like escaped circus freaks I was deep beneath the murk asleep When the manifold burst a leak Eruption from the sewer, pure toxic Ecto-Cooler There's chaos in the town I hope we find a cure And once the skies are bluer We'll arise a newer colonized society Where all is quietly at peace and hope the beast will sleep Long and sound beneath our feet And always let our island be I live a life with no steady rhythm But if you need to talk let me listen Even if my head is missin' When things are difficult like lighting matches in Chicago I don't go against the grain I follow And when things are chillin' like a lizard on my ceiling I'm never disillusioned in the feeling When things are difficult like lighting matches in Chicago I don't go against the grain I follow And when things are chillin' like a lizard on my living room ceiling I'm never disillusioned in the feeling


released January 1, 2010

MC Devlin - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Dan McKinney - Keyboards
Randy Ciarlante - Drums

All songs written by Mad Conductor
Words by MC Devlin
Produced by Dan McKinney @ Dan's House Studio


all rights reserved



Mad Conductor Nazareth, Pennsylvania

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