Mechanical Claw

by Mad Conductor

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released December 25, 2005

All songs written by MC Devlin & Dan McKinney
Recorded and Produced by Dan McKinney at Dan's House Studio in Center Valley, PA, Spring/ Summer/ Fall 2005.

MC Devlin - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Dan McKinney - Keys, Production, Backing Vocals
TJ Backwards - Vocals on Troubles in the Sewer
Mary Hawkins - Vocals on Nairobi

Backing vocals on Tomb Diggin' Shovels by TJ Backwards, Greg Walls, Corey Tray, Brigid Tray, Maureen Tray and Emma Blair


all rights reserved



Mad Conductor Nazareth, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Louisiana Truth Potion & The Human Thought Recorder
Quick to draw, I've seen this place before
Part the sand I want the rubies and the gold doubloons
I've been hittin' the saloon since high-noon
Mucho "qetuila" now I'm fired up
Wormwood on ice in an iron cup
I got an earache in my mind
One eye in the lime and the iodine
That tune of the honkytonk has got me doin' that zombie walk
Skip to my lou and the 1, 2 haunt
Better watch out for the posey hoes, dosey-doh, round we go
X your O's like tic tac toe
Where we stop don't roulette know
But you ain't nothin but a number
If you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen
My lice are itchin' and whoah, this medicine is fuckin' bitchin

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius, what's your monkey diagnosis?
Let me break it down
I'm a hooligan from out of town
Gettin' rude again with a louder sound
Everything is connected like my wrist ankles and neck when i'm arrested
My dome is doin' doughnuts in the dungeon, I am possess-ed

Too many suits in the hood tonight,
Cut a rug on the moon in the pale blue light
What do you do when the dot on a question mark is a wormhole into Jurassic park?
Beetlejuice, Bloody Mary, Candy Man. DRINK KOOLAID!
Then I'm bouncin' off in a getaway boat down the highway facing the golden sun
I hope you know to never argue with a crazy man
You'll have a heart attack, you oughta know by now
Circulating down to soot, try to stomp my foot, but it won't stay put
Concentrate your weapon and keep it movin', everybody move it
How do you like your music?
Ill and fresh or dumb and stupid?
I find it's easy to be green when I'm oozing
I purchase product on Sullivan from a dependable vendor

Pick, pick it up and pack it in
Put it on down, pick it up again
One, two, three, four through ten
Take a big ass bite out of candied yams
'Cause I stay puffed like a marshmallow man
Somebody better call Peter Venkman
Egon Spengler, Winston and Ray
I'm the ghost MC from around the way!
Track Name: Tomb Diggin' Shovels
Oh, my friend, you have been grossly misinformed
You've been diggin' that tomb straight out the womb
To the morgue in a uniform
So I guess that you best stick to writin' jingles
'Cause I got more craft in my trash than you got in your singles

Yo, I copped this tape and it sent my dome to a crazy place
It kinda put me in a dope like state
So how many pigs would it take for me to let go of the mic backstage?
Not enough to steal each one of my dimes, nickels and pennies
So why waste all this time on rhyme riddles if anything I'll just jump the gun
Like John Wilkes-Booth when it's time to run
Hop the horse c'mon ride long
Don't look now but I got your tongue, I love the blood but I don't do sun
Sleep in a coffin so I can't see day
Tomb diggin' shovel gonna ease the pain
No drugs in the womb, b-b-but born insane
I got bugs in my room and they're eating my brain

6-26-85 my first impression
4-5-22-12-9-14 but a name shouldn't dictate direction
Call the hospital now you got a mixtape infection
Let 'em run a couple tests on the lobe in the front
Like, how many weeks in a minute
Rudeboy spacetime, no you can't speak til your dinner is finished
Have fun digesting the microphone sickness
Dr. Teeth conductor mayhem
Many, many volts, not one to be grounded
You closed your eyes 'cause you liked how it sounded
Shook it to the left, took it to the right
Like that's how your sphere got mounted
Oh yeah, say what
Better, better, put your, put your mic down, sun
Track Name: Troubles in the Sewer
Mechanical claw, rips all the clocks off the wall
Mechanical claw, mechanical claw
Rips all the clocks off the wall
Mechanical claw, mechanical claw

Dumb quantities of skill for a bombshell
I do my laundry at my mom's house
Hear me now, MC DEVLIN
I am no nitwit prone to folly
I'll kickflip over anything you ollie, check it
I never lose grip like an octopus
Even when I'm runnin' from the constable
Gettin' scoped out with binoculars
They wanna see me in the tar like a dinosaur
I'm sittin' in a chair (chair)
I think I'm goin' loco
I can't feel my fingers
And I can't feel my toes, yo!
The lord of the flies
I'm eatin' a Danish
Don't stress yourself out, sun
The world is painless

Hey, yo I'm T (T) J (J) motherfuckin' BACKWORDS
I'm backwards, fuckin' with your brain (yes)
Rappin' MCs make me think your fuckin' brainless
And it's the strangest thing you've ever seen
But it's not what you have seen, it's what you've been in your dreams
I was a young buck skatin' solo
151 rum make me brain go loco
Oh no, I can't see I'm spinnin'
Bottle after bottle keep my monkey tone grinning
So back it up before I smash it up (SMASH IT UP)
Lay low, before I flip the flow (flip the flow)
Crack your style 'cause mine's the shit (it's the shit)
Rudeboy dance arsonist
OH NO! Troubles in the sewer
GO HOME! We got the newer manure

Not enough space for the clocks down here
Open up your face and remove the gears
Stuck in a spiral
Crushing sundials
Unborn to dead
Is how we spin the vinyl
Where from come thy drum?
Who keep thy beat?
You aren't a sergeant, but a minor league diner sweep
Sinning and grinning from the sewer to the altar
We're just a bunch of apes on a big ball of water
Track Name: Marifasa Lupina
Get back, I'm wiggin' out my stem cells
and I'm way too fat for an umbiblical belt
I got blood in my feces, I thought I found jesus
Turned out to be a fetus that was ripe with diseases
I didn't want to see it go to waste
It was all smothered in butter and I wanted a taste
When life throws eggs I like to make an embryonic omlette
With extra cheese, I think I'm gonna vomit
Drop a bassline between malarky and mumbo jumbo
Yo, Dan the Man, pluck the tusks outta' Dumbo

Copulate with Lois Lane in the daily planet broom closet
Misconduct said my bosses
Now I rock the couch like a vegetable
Damn Doc Huxtable is on vacation in Mexico
I need my ointment and check-up with a stethoscope
Spinal chord sliced by a silvery slug
And I'm all tweaked out on prescription drugs
Doomsday comin' through with the remedy
ILL music heels ask MC KINNEY

If you don't watch out life'll kill ya
These desolate feelings are all too familiar
A little old lady got mutilated late last night
I got the scoop from Lou on WJM news
I can't eat sugar or I lose my cool
Go back to the future in the teen wolf wool
At high noon time when the shadows stand still
I chew the food line with the fangs in my grill
Expensive vitamins and wheat-germ on my window sill
How many morons will it take to sign a bill
Or flush it down the hopper
Yo, Dan the Man, kill the keys like a fool moon monster
Monster, monster, Howwwl!
Track Name: Nairobi
When I come through, everything floats
Sell your bike and get yourself a boat
I ain't no clown and I won't pass
You'll surely drown if you have no raft
You’re like Doonesbury, you make me laugh
Thinkin' you can escape my watery wrath
Head for the hills, I'm a badass hurricane
Topplin’ towns, huntin' out MCs for gobblin’ down
I show no mercy, I ate and regurgitated New Jersey
Headed out west, crushed California
Too bad your Governator didn’t warn ya
I tumbled NOLA then I felt regret
'Cause they got the best gumbo that I tasted yet
I flooded Mississippi, you know that you can’t dis me
You’re in a soggy state like my Rice Crispies
Engulf your islands of Staten and Long
Now a jet-ski is the best way to a Met’s game
Yeah, I'll even douche Penn’s woods
With my breakbeat downpour and microphone floods

No machines, forget about chemicals
Enter the ring, earth vs. animals
Mind over matter in a heavy weight class
Our elemental make-up is identically matched
Yet we hate each other, it seems no solution
She gives us a quake, we give her pollution
She retaliates with a tidal wave,
Her face’ll get paved, don’t mess with us, homegirl
We’re wicked in the domebone, gettin' sick on your surface
Cuttin’ holes in the O-Zone
Don’t get me wrong I am no radical hippy
Life is war and you cannot avoid it
We’ll rock your world like MC Kinney
Down to the core, then we will destroy it
Ah, we should've kept cool like a porpoise
Here comes the plague, better plug up every orifice

I've got these pains in my head
I think these humans and these dogs interbred
They bury bones when I'm sleeping
10,000 naked skeletons, dancing on my ceiling

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