Renegade Space Rock

by Mad Conductor

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Few are illa' than this koopa killa' fluid spilla' Manager frigid, call me Lou Piniella super chilla' Never the Luger filla', I am way too intelli- -gent to mess around with stupid clowns and goofy dealers I move a pillar, call me Kelly Leak, you're hella weak My mellow beats will not be spoken over by a yellow beak Birdbrained pigeon in my kitchen not even a smidgen, it's against my religion, son I'm schooled and I'm proper, rude boy rocker Kick a white collar emcee out his dockers And I'm the freshest that they got so forget it Before you catch a corn cob cleat to your lettuce Coolin' em off with the brain freeze speeches I'll eat your features like peaches and plain cheese pizzas With the frostbite, clutch ya' with the claw might Dislocate your planet from it's orbit and position I'll be getting funky on the mic while the universe expands Sunburnt son, never none sun tanned I got a hand full of wishes, I don't look at full sinks I wash dishes Skeletor Ram's Head, greenhouse effect'll leave your plants dead Battle Cat mice trap, polarized heat will melt your ice cap In this world that we're living in held together by gravity We are limited to what we hear, smell or see, touch or taste With my senses erased I can open up my face and contemplate space Yeah, Pass the venom, this kid has it in him Every time I have a spasm there's an earthquake with rhythm Steady state theory, everything has always been here Better shave daily if you wanna keep your chin clear Mine's grizzly 'cause I hate using Barbasol The dean's dizzy like a St.Louis Cardinals Life can be a veritable smorgasbord, orgasbord, orgasbord Plus I'm 'T', double 'E', double 'R', double 'E' Double 'F', quadruple 'I', triple 'C', to say the least It doesn't take a god to slay the beast or make a feast or take a saint to play the priest Peace to my niece and my grandma deceased Treading water with Guanacos in the gulf below the border Discussing economics with Sacagawea and Pocahontas As the sea god froze the scorpion claw Containing dreams like over crowded orphanage walls And the crab bit the fish that was swimming down Styx MC Devlin, I represent June 26th, 1985
With styles like Iona in the 80's And a revolution going on inside a farm town in Haiti Psychiatrists want to shrink my balls and tell me that I'm nuts 'cause my LP's got self inflicted cuts I seen the witch doctor in his shanty town hut He wanted to open my head up, where as I wanted to keep it shut He approached me with a drill I zapped him with the proton pack and snatched his ass in a bear trap Stuffed him into the unit, Y'all emcees are cubic Watching too much TV not focusing on the music Oh me? I'm laid back like a one pitch roof If you're in my profession then you know it's the truth 'Cause I don't do Rush, I don't eat Jell-O I rest with my head in the center of the pillow These rude boy beats speak directly to my soul And I hope that they got enough of them to plug up the hole One swat from my bear claw will definitely impair y'all Powdered emcees with the jelly in the middle I'm louder than you even if I turn it down a little I could take it to the lake you still could never solve the riddle I'm on top of the world even when I'm in the south pole And I'm ruder than you even when I chew with my mouth closed I know when I'm stomping through the bayou My feet they get so tired, I gotta sit on down I can't sit down for too long now That tune of the honky tonk Keeps pulling me right up outta my chair Here's a nickle worth of free advice: Be sure to drink your rich chocolate Ovaltine Or I'll devour every mic in your local scene And fold it up like the last page of MAD magazine It's a rare condition this day in age To read any good news on a newspaper page I call it mutually assured destruction conducting We won't accept check or it's clover colored cousin 'Cause everything is everything and everything's illusion I think I'm being watched, do you got a solution? Before embarking on an introspective journey I work for five days and spend my weekends at Bernie's It's a Corvette summer and I'm cooling on the corner With the streetlight shadows and the garbage can drummers As vampires lurk through the aisles in the record store You second guess you dreams and wonder why your neck is sore Now Doc and Marty got you hook, line and sinker Geodesic dome dweller and the hyperactive thinker
I keep my clothes in a casket, I sleep on a mattress The only suitcase that I own is a basket I talk politics with unruly Chinamen I like my water a third oxygen and two parts hydrogen I'm on a mission and I don't got no time to be talkin' about my shoes The fresh white ones with the black and red stripes Hey yo, I drop mics like I'm scratchin' head lice Not once in my life Yeah, I fixed the poles with the monkey wrench Foul emcees get kicked off the johnny bench If they're around using secret identities These clad beast emcees are my enemies Me, I might take a trip to Danbury, Connecticut And eat cranberries just for the heck of it 'cause Yeah I stay in like candy dots 'cause everything I got's Organized like Annie Potts I sleep outside and get abducted illegal aliens I eat Mexican food made by authentic Mexicans MC Liberated Ireland I'm never violent because I ate a billion B vitamins And now I got a complex I leave slews of clues for emcees with no contacts In the Adirondacks, a whole handful of metal thumbtacks Couldn't pin me down and that's a fact So ask Egon how I traveled beyond 96 eons in a paintless neon My brain's got channels like Cobain had flannels The train had vandals, and windows with panes that's been stained's got panels I bought a book on how to interpret my dreams
This meeting's now called to order Everybody in the trenches report to the sewer I'm the Navajo talkin' nebulan spy In a form fitting, polyester human disguise And I've been sent to represent The Renegade Space Rock by the chief resident MC Kinney, kid, he's killin' all the keys Not the ones down south but the ones above the knees Early in the morning's when I ask myself Is my life worth living should I wrap myself In a gas soaked cloak and ignite myself? Nah, chill, I got a plan just relax yourself Yo, check it out, when you're down like pillows When you're out like patients When you're held to the ground By the chemical agents up in your crown Kick it back with the beats Step around, son All you need is more tracks than a meet To run a lap, god Megavolts to your vault like an adapter kit And the empty emcees, KEEP 'EM IN THE PIT! When the wind chime shakes I thrash an emcee who wears inline skates I pity rude boys from the third wave I wouldn't use their word page to line off the floors of my birdcage I'd douse 'em in butane and hop a train down south of the Ukraine Where they - where they magnify sunlight like MC LIVE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT! I got a few things left to say but I wont say 'em Kinney's gonna kick out the jams Now I will be blasting off 'Cause your boys are not rude enough To pick up a microphone Put it down, put it down Put it down, put it down Put it down, put it down
I get lost in the deep space stars And call for directions on prepaid cards I don't got no pride when it comes to astronomy If I know where I am then I feel like they're onto me Still I got some questions for the kid who did the booking Like, "where do you hide in a haunted house?" I'm getting better at describing how I feel Feeling less crushed beneath the wheel I'm affected by head wounds and also concussions Inflicted by us and almost some Russians, yeah I'm the rudest of all rude boys So keep quiet unless you want some noise No katana, sai, nunchuck or staff Five finger discount rhymers make me laugh They wanna hit us with the haiku, I guess they could try to I'd probably stomp them out like I stomp through the bayou Gettin' fly on the granite But now I'm diggin' holes through the center of the planet What? Currently I'm running out of currency Don't tell my landlord he'll take me back to Germany And I'll be hiding in the attic in silence with the power out Eatin' hot dogs with mad amounts of sauerkraut Me no loot, me no shoot, me know wail I'm blasting into orbit on a ship to sail Me no loot, me no shoot, me no wail I'd land on your planet but the ground is frail Is it too hot to dance? Nah, we rock steady And I'm light on my feet 'case I'm mad top heavy
Hey yo, Many fish bite when you got the good bait So here's a little tip that I would like to relate You keep a sharp ass hook in your tackle box And never rock your low-tops when you got your ankle socks 'Cause they’ll get your Achilles, try to crack your back Like the catcher of the ’93 Phillies You wanna cop a feel and deal with mackerels Prepare to join the crabby casserole My man, you keep your cool like Johnny Mcenroe And show your lack of skill when you protest umpires Spill your glass of milk and lose your Otis Spunkmeyers Like I lost my marbles down the funnel My syndrome's that of carpel in the tunnel So pardon if I mumble when I’m speaking sign language To parka rockin' Eskimos coolin' up in Anchorage I’m the type of MC who bows when he ends a rap I keep it cool like Teddy Pendergrass So anyone you ask'll tell you the facts you need to know And how your picture frame is like the axle of the globe If you’re playin' pinball with the wizard I’m known to spin-off like Jefferson Starship and Grace Slick ‘em Zapped by the fabric with the static You gotta keep your raps under the table so no table cloth can tax it Watch out for these falling moon-rocks And hillbilly emcees crawling out the boondocks Keep it irie when you spin a natty dread 'Cause managers are slimy like the Cincinnati Reds They’ll impress you with a briefcase Trick you into signing up for sweepstakes And straight up stick you for your cheese Steak For Pete’s sake, please take heed when crossing busy streets If you only got thirteen rhymes per fifty beats My man, you’ll be all the way eaten Your career is shorter than the holiday season That’s not including Halloween So call me on March seventeenth and maybe then we’ll call it even I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to worry ya' But you gotta be conscious of whats crackin' in your area A shack produced a song and a song produced a mansion Commercial rap, I hate it with a passion! Oh Yeah! The globe is not golden in fact its barely bronze Ask the bag I’m holdin' for my man, Barry Bonds Augmented emcees encourage me To keep it au naturel and never undergo surgery My thoughts move like the freeway fast as hell I’m laced up like a BK Diamond Cell It ain’t no challenge, respect the distance My nail-gun’ll put your hammer out of business (Oh!) You can’t confuse Yoplait and play-dough I show no resemblance to Jose Canseco (oh yeah!) I gotta protect my earth, man The Foot Clan seek to kick the coping off my vert ramp I’ll stick em with the 7-ply splinter Shredder emcees and I eat ‘em for dinner For lunch I got the boardwalk fries Your posse's like the Middle East, unorganized I sampled your pastry and I must say your bakery is Unadvanced like Haiti’s space agency Make a note and tell your mouth keep quiet Stay away from bread like a South Beach diet Obesity's a sickness but I still know the skinny Ill music heals ask MC Kinney!! Oh Yeah!
All his life was channel 13 Loaded guns in his face, couldn't handle the scene Of a one horse town in southeast South Dakota The pressure putting cracks into his Powell-Peralta A Communist block had imprisoned his youth He grew out up of touch with the rhythm and blues I guess his restlessness was handed down A stranger in a strange land, head in the clouds When you're rockin' in the day time soakin' up the sunshine Until the moon light defines the horizon in the west Luminescent veins in the sky touch us so gracefully It's a sad story about Mr. Cacciatore Yeah (Uh huh) (Uh huh) (Uh huh) Well they said that every child had a pretty good shot And in Guatemala drunken men are closer to God Perhaps it's true The former spared him the flu But the latter sent him spinnin' With his monkey tone grinnin' Rung out in the lot rockin' funky old linen Stumblin' like a fool 'til they found him in the pool When he was drunk at home swimmin' Bumpin' John Lennon on the stereo Sinkin' in the bathtub with him And Mr. Cacciatore saw the whole thing happen In an immigrant neighborhood in middle Manhattan When you're rockin' in the day time soakin' up the sunshine Until the moon light defines the horizon in the west Luminescent veins in the sky touch us so gracefully It's a sad story about Mr. Cacciatore I hope I find you, I hope I find you someday 'Cause ever since you went away Things they just haven't been the same You said they'd find you You said they'd come and take you away They called you crazy But no one can explain why you are not here with us today
Sex sells but you can get arrested if you buy it So I myself have yet to be a client Plus I'm dead broke and it feels wrong Like when I'm watching Check and Double Check And it makes me sick to my stomach In 1936 I was posing as a derelict In a socialite society as an experiment Anita was my sponsor, I was her protege Priscilla was a killa' and she wanted me on the blade I like to make believe that I'm a product of simplicity Born upon the Ozark range in Missouri One with the sticks and the banjo picks Far from the guns and the Rambo flicks A man told me that our blood was thicker than the waves But he ran from the water when he saw it break the barricade Lucky man in his landlocked state And he hobbled my legs, now I can't walk straight Lycanthropic MC from the green capes of Senegal Bouncing off the kennel walls like a tennis ball I busted out now I'm on the road to Zanzibar Me without a microphone is like a raga sans sitar Remember back in the black days of Dracula Mass packs of rats setting traps for me in Latvia Like Frankenstein and electroshock therapy A fractured spine and a loss of any memory I've long since fled the great state of Texas Running from an hour worth of minutemen with deathsticks Out of mind in their miserable lives And throwing knives if I'm crossing their invisible lines These are pitiful times here, man, and I can't hang no more My beans are boiled, blood, I'm bouncing back to Bangalore I'm out of place on this planet full of humans In the crater covered satellite rays I'm consuming I don't really know how many fish are in the pond And I can't count the stars on which I've wished upon There is no space between us I'm the floor, I'm the centipede I'm everything and nothing at once
Y ahorita hablando con palabras diferentes Dame diente, porque no tengo y tiene veinte Probable mas, pero yo no se cuanto Y yo quiero comer pero yo no puedo Aqui igual que uno perro Mi cuerpo casi muerto y enfermo, sin dinero Estoy un carpintero con martillo, Tu no quieres pelear conmigo Estoy grande igual que un burrito de asada Tu eres hablando Pero tu no sabes nada acerca de el mundo Cuidado con su vida, tiene solo uno El Cielo es azul y el sol amarillo Proximo la playa nunca frio Mas o menos caliente Todo bastante por el gente Casada con la musica, exactamente Tomar la Coca-cola, una bebida gaseosa A mi no importa la chota Yo tengo esposa Pero quiero la otra Si, yo quiero la otra Yo tengo una novia, Que se llama Juana, Pero yo no quiero Porque es haragana
A fish pitched up by an angry sea I gasped on land, then I became me A product of the sun coughed up on the beach In black chinos cut off below the knees With a salt parched throat I struggled to talk To lone angler positioned on a rugged old dock Lost in a bucket of worms with mad slack on the reel No other concerns but a meal As if, ah ha, what is to be will be And no cares of ours can arrest the decree Of this outlaw cyclone, my feet lost feeling And brushstrokes of madness encompassed the ceiling The sheriff rose up from the dirt so I split He fired mad shots but I didn't get hit I hopped off the dock and swam passed the reef Back to the coral abode where I can sleep Oh yeah, all right Oh my, what a wonderful spot When you're lost in a chasm of thought Well, my mind's a marble on the deck of a ship In the Bermuda Triangle when a wicked storm hits One day I'm gonna slip n' slide off of the plank And then they'll hit the off switch on my oxygen tank 'Til I'm out of my element, seemingly unconscious Down in the well again, dreaming as my thoughts sink Deeper and deeper and deeper into the bucket of worms I got no concerns My mind, my soul and my body We all feel the same Yeah, we all feel the same Yeah, we all feel alright Oh yeah, alright Oh my, what a wonderful spot When your lost in a chasm of thought
All I want is tuna, dolphin safe tuna My net's to the depths of the black laguna Delirious with serious mercury exposure to the fetus Whoever thought that cetus could defeat us My denture might clench ya', adventure in dementia I'm mad like a hatter in the 19th century Plus the fat cat, kickin' it in the tree My grasp on reality is cast to the sea And what good's a kickstand stickin' in the quicksand When I washed off the stamp and I ripped off the wristband I'm on a quest to examine existence but I can't hold my breathe If I'm jammin with the fishes But I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful Chicken in the water try to keep my line tangled Candles in my head light the tilted triangles Quickly dewicked and critically seasick I'm not completely human, I'm simply three-fifths You see twenty percent of me is mutant reptile Raised by a rodent in the sewer with the bile But now I'm on the surface with slimy epidermis Fluid on my brain like coffee in a thermos Frothy salivation overflow leaks the mandible Mechanically programmed to kill and eat the animal But I won't ever touch another thermometer When my feet are on the ground and my head is still in Andromeda What's the deepest end between friends when you're experiencing bends on the seafloor again And again and again Please understand, when I wash ashore I will be rotted away Down here our perspective is warped We asked the captain of the ship Which way is north, starboard or port As we rotted away Losing daylight I've enjoyed our time together and I hope we'll stay friends forever But for now I've got to go, 'cause I really can't stay, I hope you'll understand


released June 27, 2007

MC Devlin - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Dan McKinney - Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion
Daniel Alexander - Bass
Rob Sadler - Guitar, Vocals
Dillon Reichel - Keyboards, Guitar
Matt Balas- Drums
Mary Hawkins - Vocals

Dave Hillyard - Saxophone on 1, 5
Jacelyn Greenwald - Vocals on 4
Dough Ashby - Vocals on 10, 11
Peanut - Vocals on 2
Sarah Ayers - Backing Vocals on 7
Larry Potts - Saxophone on 4
Jim Verdeur - Baritone Saxophone on 1
Tony Ferrezi - Guitar on 9

All Songs written by MC Devlin, Dan McKinney and Mad Conductor
Recorded at Dan's House Studio, Nov. 2005 - May 2007


all rights reserved



Mad Conductor Nazareth, Pennsylvania

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