Space Rock Steady

by Mad Conductor

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released May 15, 2015

MC DEVLIN - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
DAN McKINNEY - Keys, Percussion
JOSH NETHKEN - Sax, Backing Vocals
Rudegirl shouts:

Recorded at Dan's House Studio (2014-2015)
All songs written by Mad Conductor
Available on CD and vinyl June '15!


all rights reserved



Mad Conductor Nazareth, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Space Rock Steady

We're the host of your demented dreams
Where heavy dread prevented screams
Space rock steady now
We bust the stitches out of all y'all's pitches
And it's the strangest thing you've ever seen

This is MC Devlin, not some kid named Kevin
Everything that I conduct is mad, cop the tape from cousin Chad
When you were juicing vegetables, I was rocking Sex Pistols
Hated by the constables because I pump the decibels
Space Rock Steady - All my life I've been an outsider
A rowdy electric guitar playing mountain climber
The ill toxic spill with diabolical skill
I'll cleanse your palate with a heavy mallet, now chill
I choose the microphone with no on and off switcher
Slap it up the middle and decapitate the pitcher
Rounding second, sliding headfirst into third
If the ball is overthrown the base coach gives the word
Then I score, kid
My team scored more than yours did
The staircase jammed up, I manned up and board slid
Slick as any, fast action and my styles are many
Not so friendly, man, I slapped Jackson off a 20
But you and I are cool as long as you don't act a fool
Remember what you say in life will never be retractable

How ya' gonna do it?
Space Rock Steady's how
Y'all get ready now


This is MC Devlin, sun, I'm humble and all that
I gave y'all a chance but y'all fumbled the ball back, which is smart
'Cause if you try to move the chains, you'll lose your brains
Your best bet's take a knee and tell your crew to do the same
A stupid kid, I would fist fight on the street
To me it hurt more to prevail than it did to get beat
Violence is chaos, and should be avoided at any cost
Toss the message up on brick walls in semi-gloss
If my friends tag a bridge, I will tag a bridge too
Mad Conductor posse reppin', what'd you think this is, fool?
I'm the dark knight of hip-hop, the world's greatest human cartoon
On stage acting like a buffoon
For your enjoyment, and my more-than-seasonal employment
With the new noise, the rudest of the long-lost rudeboys
I was raised in madness, laughin' at your weak attempts
To turn me to a sheep who you thought you'd be keepin' kempt
And I haven't changed
I'm still an anarchist who people think is strange
Truth is they're the ones who are deranged

How ya' gonna do it?
Space Rock Steady's how
Y'all get ready now

How we gonna do it?
Space Rock Steady's how
Y'all get ready now


Who can kick a verse to the O.G. hip-hop heads and get props?
Who can kick it with the crusty gutter punks rockin' shows in the squats?
Who can hack a sack at the festival with hippies all day in the sun?
Who can double smash kick, back flip with the mic?
MCD, Space Rocker #1
Track Name: Legendary Jams

Obey no red octagon
Just rock on like Dr. John
Those who hope to stop the song
Get knocked down and stomped upon
Obey no red octagon
Just rock on like Dr. John
Those who hope to stop the song
Get stomped upon by the Legendary Jams

It's Friday night, it's hot and it's humid
MC's about to take the stage and get stupid
A lousy dive bar in a lousy part of town
Where shows are known to often get shut down
Capacity's 50, The crowd's 160
195 if you count the crew with me
Tension's in the air, not the type to start a fight
The type to excite and cause the crowd to get hype
We hit the first note and saw the blues lights flashin'
The sarge walked in his typical fashion
"y'all can't jam 'cause ya broke the fire code"
So mad, I said hold me down before I explode
When someone yelled out they knew another venue
Where a show was going down across town we could head to
We loaded up the trailer, people were the cargo
Plus behind the bus was like 36 carloads
An ill convoy rolled up to the spot
The headliner caught the flu so there was an open slot
I talked the manager into letting us do a set
Told him it was something he would not regret
Only problem was he said our fans had to pay the cover charge
But everyone was broke from chugging at the other bar
When one dude spoke up, said, "All week long
I've been working in the hot sun, cutting lawns"
He produced an envelope with the needed funds
Went ahead and paid the cover for everyone
The mob cheered and bum rushed the door
We jumped on stage, fans filled the floor
The band started jammin', the place went whacko
Bouncin' up and down, almost knocked down the shack, yo


Summertime fun, rock n' roll
I got the call about a rooftop show
me and the band drove over the building
Where we were very pleased to see a whole gang chillin'
Carried mad gear up 10 flights of stairs
To the roof, which obviously needed repairs
We set down our amps, then we felt it shakin
The rafters gave way and a big hole caved in
Along with the gear, me and my crew fell through
Crashed down into some lady's bedroom
She sprang from the shower and reached for a towel
Covered herself and screamed, "get out now!"
I said we best get to stepping, 'cause johnny laws a comin'
So we fled down the steps with guitars and drums then it hit me
I knew of a place we could rock
Warned everyone it was unorthodox
Once again the convoy started making tracks
The fleet was dumb long, and our van was packed
We had fellas on the roof, girlies on the hood
Some sat on Josh's lap, (they made me feel bueno)
We reached our destination, my Uncle Mac's farm
We brought the generator and the party to the barn
The band got to jammin', while I kicked rhymes
Everybody danced, ox and lamb kept time
Fools were milkin' cows, others churned butter
Diving off the hayloft, one after another
Sirens squealed and the pigs the bust in
But not to make a bust, just to kick it in the pen
Out in the sticks, it was a heck of a ho-down
What you've come to expect when MC throws down

Track Name: Powerful Move

I'm barely there in the therapy chair
Wearing a black straight jacket made of Cherokee hair
The doctor said I better start acting logical
Or to get a better source of income because his fees are astronomical
I asked him now what in tarnation are you stressing
You know my occupation at the delicatessen
7 double 0 an hour's what it pays
And I get a 7 cent raise every 7 days
All the lemon scent sprays leave a pleasant haze
....and take me back to
My child hood, wearing propeller caps and small shorts
This kid named Raekwon'd rob me on ball courts
Mad 'cause I never had cash, he'd demand
My sandwich sardines with elderberry jam
At times I was feeling like a toad in the fable
I swore I'd turn the table, and broke from the stable
Now I can't compete with the Jones
Only 'cause I'm kinda homeless, dead broke and slightly out of focus
Pretty soon I'll be living in a place where every
Month is like June and I'm punching right through
With the grammar when they slam a drum or rock a
Space Steady groove then I charge up like Blanca
Ring a fool's bell like Hector Salamanca
With a single finger, I'm not an singer
I'm an emcee with a venom filled stinger
Awoken from a coma on a broken sofa
In a motor home in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Comin' straight at you, tearing up your tissue
Blasting a rocket that's not gonna miss you
If I stopped rapping it'd sour the groove
So I'll bust your pustule with powerful move

There's never been a better time to strike
Let's hit 'em with a Powerful Move!
There's never been a better day to take 'em down
Let's hit 'em with a Powerful Move!

Your song's a joke, it hits the gag reflex
Should've been recalled, it's got lots of bad defects
It's like I'm brushing with toothpaste laced with joker venom
Face seized up to the crooked rhythm
You'd bite my style if it wasn't made of iron
But your teeth are too brittle, saw 'em chippin' when you're smilin
So think again before you try to sink 'em in
Or I'll sin and pin my incisors in
Girls get rough in the pit when they hear my smooth voice
"Kick another verse, rudeboy!"
My style is a child of thalidomide from another planet
Catch me on tour flippin' out like a hammock
Or lazing in the bushes, outdoors ducking craziness
On the outskirts of life's radius
In an out of body experience on a flight to Tacoma
I learned reality was nonexistent like my high school diploma
And I'm left here to wonder in confusion
Why wasn't I invited to the 10 year reunion?
It's possible my notice was lost in the mail
Or maybe they figured that I never made bail
The truth is I am out of jail
The future is an ocean, let's set sail
I'm a man with out a country
A moon without a planet of which to orbit around
That's why I'm sounding funky
Forgot about the Alamo, remembered the Navajo
Pushed politicians toward a ghetto in New Mexico
We'll never be beaten
You couldn't get my arteries bleeding
When I'm sleeping during archery season
And if I stopped rebelling I'd have nothing to do
So I'm blasting right through with a powerful move

Track Name: Radio Madness

We interrupt this broadcast
(For radio madness)
To bend your antenna
(with radio madness)
Get lost in the airwaves
(of radio madness)
Radio Madness
(Radio madness)

My band's got ill jams but we're still unknown
Gettin' no airplay on the radio
I went to the county fair to blow off steam
There is where I found a peculiar machine
A genie in glass case who could be awoken
To grant you a wish if you gave him a token
I made my deposit, and said, "hey yo,
I wanna ride waves of the radio"
My frequency underwent the modulation
From physical form to a sonic vibration
Then a foamy, green wave crashed down
Thrashed me around through unseen sound
Tossed me up like a jelly fish onto land
Where my consciousness again began to expand
I ran and like a ground rule double jumped a fence
Entered a forest through a bush that was dense

Lunging from the woods with a vengeful burst
Before the next verse, I must first quench my thirst
Entre en una cantina
La banda tocó una chica me sonreía
Bailé con ella al la canción
Ella me dio un beso con pasión
Oí la voz frenética de la cantante ,
Esa es mi esposa. Voy a matarte!
The crazed crooner tried to hit me like a high note
I was on the road, running faster than a cyote
Chasing a groundhog at Gobbler's Knob
I shot a hook up and climbed the stadium facade
Toward a window from where a familiar voice came
Your boy, Mr. Baseball was calling a game
I jumped in and said, "yo, I'm your number 1 fan"
He said, "that's dope you should be my color-man"

MCD's in the booth, broadcasting a game with the legend
Hometeam's up one in the bottom of the 7
When a freak blizzard fell and snowed out the game
A violent wind swept me up and away
And back in time to a sunny Sunday afternoon
To see my ten year old self with a radio in my room
Phoning the DJ non-stop to demand
That he dam his program and play my favorite jam
At the strike of midnight the cut finally came on
I dubbed it on a TDK and listened 'til dawn
Woke up late for school, man, I didn't want to go
Principle called, "if you're late I'll break your nose"
But that cherubic hooligan would grow up strong
His ions charged by the waves of the song
Life will bring pain and unspeakable sadness
All is overcome with a little radio madness


C'mon and ride the waves of the radio
Track Name: Dog House Theory

Fresh out the dog house, skippin' down the block whistling
It's the mercurial spirit on a space rock mission
Thrusters engaged, my raps have had busters enraged
Since an early age when my moon stomp crushed in the stage
Behold the solar prominence, enjoy the spoils of my total dominance
The rare yet well-done flavor is gold, so hold the condiments
MC stands for master craftsman, not Mall Cop
Move along, sir and as for rappin' it's time y'all stop
With the bird brain schemes and the parrot style pollyin'
Although your bones are hollow I'll ollie over y'all while y'all are ollieing
Innumerable rappers can't be counted on to get the party jumpin'
I keep the spot lit like the watts atop my knot when I thought of something
Our shows get rowdy, we gotta pass around the turkey sandwiches
Kids leave the pit with massive head wounds deserving bandages
I commend anyone who makes it on to the encore
A real life horror film with a bizarre score
When everything is gravy we should sit still and look inward
It's a difficult thing to find calm in this mad world
Walk your dog everyday even if there's not one on the leash
And If you spot police you better peace like a flock of geese

You should see that rudeboy go
He's always on the move
On his way to the unknown
With the stylus to the groove

Back in the dog house, bummed out and despondent
Wolverines are clawing up my head's interior on the constant
I was a man of the cloth plugged in a jug of kerosene
Now I see the scene as being more serene
Our stay on Earth is not for long, so have a look around
The orb'll stay spinnin' while your in decomposition underground
The longer I'm here it seems the more rapidly time moves
The past drifts fast like a stampede of trampling hooves
These right now are the good old days that we'll reflect upon
I see it, petty distractions hold our thoughts in traction
Like a shock treatment used to keep sheep static
As crooked politicians out of touch with the soil wreak havoc
The lot of 'em are full of hot air, too many wind-chimes ringin'
A horrid chord of the abhorrent sort on the porch swingin'
Awoken in ungodly hours, I bent the tuning fork flingin'
Heavy space rocks through the resonance to break blocks
I do believe that the greatest flaw of mankind
Is getting all tensed up over scenarios imagined in the mind
That's why I gnawed the live wire and set fire to my synapses
Now I'm bangin' on the earth 'til one of us collapses

You should see that rudeboy go
He's always on the move
Unafraid of the unknown
With the stylus to the groove

Will I be swept up in a windstorm
Or will my neck slide cross an enemy's sword
Will I be buried deep in an avalanche
Or crushed in the clutches of madness
One day you may have to live without me
Or maybe one day without you I'll be
Your light will shine in my heart always
Your light will shine in my heart always

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