It Still Makes Me Wonder

by Mad Conductor & The Stupid Stupid Henchmen

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Ten years later here is the highly anticipated sequel to the smash-hit collaboration "It Really Makes Me Wonder".


*Lazin' in the sun, another hazy summer
Ten years later and it still makes me wonder
Rain starts to fall, I'm woke by the thunder
Will there ever be a day we don't have to wonder?

You don't wanna get mixed up with a guy like me
I'm a psych ward inmate on the loose
on the juice like Roger Clemens
Rippin' right out of my orange linens
I pity the fool who's stuck in school
On field trip day to the public pool
Forgot the slip, to take the trip
At his desktop soaked in drool
That was me back in '93
'Til I climbed a tree and I was finally free
But not before the doctor tore
My skull open for a lobotomy
I'm an anomaly in a maze of hedges
Armed with the sharpest sheers
Forever rough within the edges
I'm as sober as a JUDGE who's as high as a witch on a broom
See my silhouette in the moon
Drunker than a one eyed captain
Who crashed his ship in a lagoon
Hold the Goldschläger, I'll have a cold lager
My head is spinning around like a ball
On the fingertip of a Globe Trotter
My boss was irate
Asked me why did I come in late
Told him 'cause I can do more in four hours
Than you can in eight
Now I'm off the grid, the awful grid
My mind's ajar, holes in the lid
Illuminated by lightning bugs
that I collected when I was a kid
The world is run by evil crooks
And shady clerks who fix the books
They hold us here like polar bears
in aquarium tanks, like fish on hooks
They want me to die like Paul McCartney did in '64
I should change my name and move to Cuba like Tupac Shakur
And I'll live in a bog like Kermit the Frog
Huntin' hog like Rolph the Dog
Singin' a song by Mungo Jerry
Raftin' around like Huckleberry
Burnin' up in the summer rays
Wonder wheeling away the days
Traversing across an ocean of thought
Land ho or mirage? Am I rowing for naught?


Left twice alone this decade
Then I tripped into the stone age
My head's an endless maze within a world of mess
Searching for the light of day
Never phased but in the depths I'm losing all sense
It's lost among the illusion of time
What's the next step towards freeing your mind?
Fleeing what I have so long called my home
Another selfish way to only help better everything I love, destroy
And then create
There's no more point to hate
I'm in a grave filled with the past that I have made
I wonder how I turned into someone I could barely save
A spark was lit to reconnect and organize
Rising from the underground
Our revolution won't be televised!
Who the hell am I to think I'm right with so much more to learn?
Anxious nerves get tangled up in thought
I'm constantly concerned
Look deep within yourself
There's another quiet plane of existing
As an immaterial, spiritual human being
Where's the peace amongst all this thunder?
The world's in desperate need of our love
But it still makes me wonder

MCD: How can we beat the heat? One is too many kids dying in the street!

Chet: Can we survive when we're all alone and living in a lie?

TC: It Still Makes Me Wonder!



released August 11, 2017
MC Devlin - Vocals, Musical Production
Chester Knebel - Vocals
TC Covell - Vocals

Art by Jamie Brockliss


all rights reserved



Mad Conductor Nazareth, Pennsylvania

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