No Laughing Matter

by MC Devlin & Spraya Benz

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Spraya Benz, a.k.a. Noah, the lead singer of legendary D.C. punk band Daycare Swindlers, swings onto the scene with MC Devlin, a.k.a. Space Rocker #1 from Mad Conductor, to drop a chilled out, trippy summer-time banger. This is the first time these two artists have collaborated but won't be the last. Enjoy the jam! Rock n' Roll Forever!


MC Devlin:
Empathizing with the dead took a toll on my head
I got to work late again and left my soul in the bed
It won’t be long now before I’m crashing at your house
I hope you don’t mind my dog scratching on your couch
I’m in a trance induced by the heavenly singers
Pulling dried Elmer’s glue off my seventy fingers
Stuck in the future, still trying to move forward
My name is MC Devlin, not the one to step toward
I’ve got a soft spot for devil worshipers and freaks
Puritanical church people give me the creeps
So I read from the good book penned by Mary Shelley
And eat lomticks of toast with strawberry jelly
My lifestyle’s grass roots, you can’t mow me down
My shreds blown around will just fertilize the ground
It’s the dawning of a new era, taste the morning dew drops
As the sun rises over solar panel roof tops
Reason will prevail, and if you’re trying to sail
To world peace as a species music is your gale!
I truly believe without tunes we’d be doomed
I know at least one dude for whom they’d have to dig a tomb

Spraya Benz:
I got a call on my flip phone, b-brrrp went the ring tone
MC Devlin on the other said sharpen up your crayon
Got a beat for you to spray on, got a track for you to play on
Not like that kind on the subway line when you get tied up and laid on
I’m starvin’ but my belly’s full from constantly being fed the bull-
Shit, they’re trying to pull the wool over my eyes since grade school
They said ketchup was a vegetable and don’t be an individual
And if you want to be successful you’ve got to blend in and be invisible
But look at my now, you’ll see me up in the VIP
Another misfit, another set list, back stage and drinking for free
And you ought to see my schedule, playing dance halls and festivals
Playing for the highly intellectuals and backwoods incestuals
<What we lack in decimals we make up for in decibels>
And bloodied my lip when I jumped in the pit and slam dance with celestials
When E.T. phones home the universe is gonna know
That S-P-R-A-Y-A BENZ has intergalactic flow


released July 10, 2017
MC Devlin - Vocals, Instruments, Production
Spraya Benz (a.k.a. Noah from Daycare Swindlers) - Vocals, Additional Instruments

Recorded at Sewer Studio and Rude Rock Studio, Spring/Summer '17

Mixed & Mastered by Jason Flyte
Art by MC Devlin
Colored by Gina Devlin
Edited by Brigid Tray


all rights reserved



Mad Conductor Nazareth, Pennsylvania

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