Skate 2

by Mad Conductor

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Never sit inside and wait

Good things come to those who skate

Fight no war inside your head

Climb your mountain side and shred

A true thrasher tears through shoes faster

Blast through town right past the newscaster

Cackling laughter in the face of disaster

Smashin' the plaster with the ways of the master

I'm ripper, the reaper with the sickle, and the shredder

I wish the hill was steeper and the danger level redder

You never met a better veteran for setting it off

Ain't no half-steppin' and I never go soft

Coppers are watching me, choppers on top of me

Bombin' a hill, my skill is a monopoly 

They could never get me, so they just sweat me

Am I gonna chill out? Nah, I rock steady 

The plan is to acid drop from the rooftop

Boneless one, I control the sun

And I move the moon, entomb gloom and doom

and resume to zoom past you goons and buffoons

If I get thrown I know to tumble and roll

It might have looked kinda nasty but it's under control
r-r-rip it up, r-rip it up

Rougher than rough, the ILL ONE, tougher than tough

Grind 'til the sparks fly, flames all around

Yo, let's go chill poolside right now 

Drain it out like we're in a drought

Styles what it's all about

Everyday, Shred away
Instead of stayin', get away 

Easily is how I can be brought to a bore 

So I seek for something more hardcore

That's why I'm hittin' bowls or carving through trees

I'll be the old man with two blown out knees

Still rippin' it

No regrets, 'cause I did it 

Now y'all young cats come with it

What happened? How low did you sink?
Are you on the brink, lost it all in a blink?
Check it out, the first thing is don't think
Follow these steps and you won't need a shrink
Although it seems that your house is topplin'
Climb to the roof and look down on your problems
You've got two options, and one's not an option
So rock on, kid, and keep rockin'
Even if you lost something that you can't get back
Or made a mistake that you can't retract
You've gotta take cover to discover how to act
'Cause your peace of mind is under constant attack
Live large, 'cause yo, who's in charge?
Did both your balls bail on a barge?
Reach the sky, realign the stars
While you're up there try to find life on Mars
Whether you're a shredder or you're knitting a sweater
It makes no difference, just keep getting better
In competition with no body but yourself
'Cause you're no body but yourself, never anybody else
And that's something that's dope to be
If you don't believe me, go outside and see
The impossible odds to exist is enough
So wake up, get a board and shred it up


released August 14, 2014
2014, Dan's House Studio


all rights reserved



Mad Conductor Nazareth, Pennsylvania

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